Ms. Delina Ibrahimaj: Significant improvement in salary declarations for 5,536 employees.


Since October, the Tax Administration has launched a campaign for informal wages. To raise the awareness of employers and employees, personalized awareness letters were sent to 11,941 taxpayers for 19229 of their employees, through which they were invited to change the declarations, towards fulfillment.

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj during an on-site inspection, clarified the approach of the Tax Administration not to penalize, but to make the subjects aware of the importance of real wage declaration.

Preliminary monitoring of the declared data shows a significant improvement in declarations, while the salary has been increased for 5,536 employees or 34% of declared employees until November 2019. The total effect for these taxpayers is over 44 million ALL for November.

This initiative of the TA to increase the declaration of salaries will continue with other awareness steps and in cases of high risk will be followed through the structures of the Tax Investigation.

Ms. Ibrahimaj assured that in addition to the facilities through online services, taxpayers will be in the center of attention through the Taxpayer Service Directorate in raising awareness and prior information on the elements of risk in their tax returns.


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