Zero profit tax for small business and zero VAT up to 10 million ALL new turnover


Since July, small businesses, which make a turnover of up to 14 million ALL do not pay profit tax, zero, while still small businesses that make a turnover of up to 10 million ALL do not even pay VAT.

In a joint press conference with the Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj and the Minister of State for Reconstruction, Arben Ahmetaj, Prime Minister Rama said that “we have undertaken and passed with the support of the parliamentary majority in the Assembly an aggressive measure of support, unique in the region "and coincides with our commitment to strongly support anyone who creates jobs for themselves, their families and others and becomes part of the small business community."

“This support and this framework of small business activity in Albania has as the only community in the whole region without taxes and without VAT up to 10 million new lekë, without taxes and with VAT from 10 to 14 million new lekë . It is important to look back and remember that in 2013, 7 years ago all members of the small business community paid 10% profit tax and operated as small business entities with a turnover of 0-8 million around 60 thousand thousand taxpayers. "These businesses not only paid 10% profit tax, but also a profit tax for the local government", - underlined Rama.

The head of government said that “the double tax as we called it at the time that then in our period began to disappear until we come to this moment that is historic for small business, at this moment that is a super stimulus for all of them who have a small business or want to create jobs for themselves, family or others, zero tax, zero VAT up to 10 million ALL and zero tax and VAT only from 10-14 million ALL ”.



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