Discover Gjirokastra, the city of tradition, taste and history / Golem for ATSH: Free museum centers for all tourists


Gjirokastra is a city of tradition, taste and history. Gjirokastra is not only of Albanians and Gjirokastra, but a world wealth that should be enjoyed in the first place by Albanians.

The Mayor of Gjirokastra, Flamur Golemi, during an interview for the Albanian Telegraphic Agency has indicated that tourist packages this tourist season will include free admission to museums for those who choose Gjirokastra to spend the holidays or a weekend.

"We are talking about a city that as a world wealth that the main pillar of economic development has tourism. This season we were expecting the peak, in May June is the peak in Gjirokastra and over 80% of tourists coming and staying in Gjirokastra are foreigners. The whole Drino valley is a separate property, where besides enjoying history, heritage, culture, every house in Gjirokastra is a museum in itself, the castle, the ancient city of Antigone, has castles in the areas around Gjirokastra. "The whole Drino valley is an opportunity to spend more than a weekend," Golemi told ATSH.

"Until now, it has been accessible and attractive to foreigners. I appeal to all Albanians, as there are many who have not enjoyed Gjirokastra and I am glad that these days, after meeting with friends, I see the hotels that are booked and these reservations are for two or three years, so until in the year 2022-2023. During the period of works at the bazaar we had an utilization of up to 70% of the capacity of the accommodation structures. This year we had predicted over 90% use and therefore I call on all Albanians to enjoy Gjirokastra, where they will find history, culture, adventure, horseback riding, hicking and definitely cooking. Gjirokastra is an unproven surprise for Albanians, not only in Albania, but also in Kosovo. Therefore, we must enjoy our country and discover our country ", Golemi says for ATSH.

"We are in constant contact with all operators, accommodation structures and the heart of tourism is the shopping partt. We are talking about a very narrow area, more than 500 beds, limited to only one area. All the rest, in the suburbs the numerous guesthouses that have been added in recent years complete this mosaic, with all the accommodation structures we have been in constant contact. As a Municipal Council, as a Municipality, we presented a month ago the fiscal facilities for the two months of the pandemic, in March and April we have 0 for local tariffs for all closed businesses and those that may have been open, but due to the situation have had customers. We, as a municipality, have 0 local tariffs at a cost ", - declared Golemi for ATSH.

"Meanwhile, I said and for the specifics that we have, I will present after a week to the Municipal Council, all operators, accommodation structures, the entire museum system for all the packages that are ready to offer all Albanians to be zeroed . So entry and visits to museums in the municipality of Gjirokastra will be zero. This will be put into service for accommodation structures. The revenues we expect for the museums, we have made available to tour operators and accommodation structures. We are in coordination with them, we have issued the first packages and we will continue to be competitive with all this market that will be offered. This is an opportunity for many Albanians who have not managed to enjoy Gjirokastra, who may have stayed a few hours, but should stay longer than that. We are waiting for them to come and enjoy Gjirokastra ", - stressed Golemi.

"Gjirokastra remains one of the safest districts. It was in fact one of those cities that even in the year back of '97, the citizens of Gjirokastra paid for electricity and water ", he said.

Goli also spoke about the meeting with the Italian ambassador, where he said that “I was very pleased with the love with which he spoke about Gjirokastra as many know it as the city of Kadare, one of the reasons that many want to see and visit the place where he was born great writer. He was amazed and his word was that this visit was an aperitif, because I will be one of those people who will have Gjirokastra in focus and I will also be the Ambassador of Gjirokastra ", - concluded the mayor of Gjirokastra. / ATA



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