The secret to being happier at work


Finding time to focus on acquiring a new skill, learning a software program, or just reading more about the industry in which you work can do wonders for you mentally - but also professionally.

New research from LinkedIn has found that the best way to make sure you are happy at work is by spending more time learning.

Among the professionals surveyed, those who were considered to be constantly learning - that is, those who spend more than five hours a week reading, watching documentaries, etc. - had reported that they are happier, have less stress, are more productive and have more self-confidence than those who do not spend time learning.

Among other things, compared to people who do not spend time learning, those who constantly learn are:

- 74% more inclined to know what they want to do with their career

- 45% more likely to be more satisfied at work

- 47% more likely to be less stressed

- 40% more likely to feel successful and productive


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