GERMANY - Merkel: About 8 billion euros are needed for the vaccine against COVID-19


German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that around eight billion euros should be raised for the development of the vaccine against the new type of coronavirus.

In a weekly video message, Merkel said that "everyone can be infected with the coronavirus", therefore, according to her, "joint action is needed".

She also referred to the European Union (EU) Donors' Conference to be held on 4 May.

"Germany will also make an important financial contribution. "I do not want to announce today, but I can say that we will actively follow the events that follow," Merkel said.

Merkel called for international co-operation in inventing the drug and vaccine against COVID-19.

"It takes about eight billion euros to develop the vaccine," Merkel said.

She added that everyone would benefit once the vaccine is found.

The German Chancellor recalled the consequences that COVID-19 caused in the economic and social plan.

"Therefore we must work quickly and with great concentration to develop the vaccine and to stop and defeat the virus. "This is one of the most important tasks to save millions of lives worldwide."

Merkel also stressed that close cooperation will be achieved in this regard with the World Health Organization (WHO), which plays a key role.


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