Vlora / Over 11 tons of medicinal plants and about 207.6 tons of agricultural products in EU countries


Agricultural exports from the region of Vlora, in addition to fishing, also lead with the culture of watermelon and aromatic medicinal plants this summer season.

The Regional Directorate of Exports of Vlora, announces that, during July 2020, a total of about 207.6 tons of agricultural products were exported from the region of Vlora to regional markets and EU countries.

According to statistics, for this period lead exports of watermelon with about 196 tons, 26 tons more than in the same period a year ago for this crop. While exports of medicinal plants reach the figure of over 11 tons in July this year.

Agricultural experts say that Vlora leads in exports to EU countries for seafood, citrus and olive oil products, while following the tradition of products with a trend towards progressive growth, for agricultural products, especially in greenhouses (which is currently over). season) but also for livestock and processed ones.

According to statistics, in the region of Vlora are produced about 14,881 tons of olives, over 27 thousand tons of citrus while livestock occupies about 17.7% of total livestock production./ATSH


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