"Continuation of priority projects to stimulate the economy", Balluku: We concluded the process for the energy park of Karavasta


The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku has given the good news that the process for the largest energy park in the country, that of Karavasta, has been completed.

During her speech in the Assembly, Balluku, also announced that over 690 employees of the Ballsh refinery have been paid, while she explained that the company ALB Petrol, has stopped extracting oil due to the impact that this sector has suffered from the coronavirus.

During her speech, Balluku announced that within May 5-6, there will be 3,200 repatriated Albanian citizens.

"Spring has come and everything will go better than it seems. Today we managed to complete the process for the largest energy park in the country, that of Karavasta of 140 mega. In 30 minutes this process closes and to my knowledge, as soon as I spoke with the staff of the Ministry, a series of requests were submitted by very large international and mainly European companies and this is great news and it is a process that will be closed successfully ", - said Balluku.

"And now a project will move forward because in March we were forced to stop all priority projects, Karavasta Park or Vlora Airport. Now is the time to get back to our plans and work. "The time has come for the priority projects that promote economic growth to move forward, so among the bad news there is great news like this today," Balluku underlined.

"I would like to inform you about the issue of repatriation. To date, starting from April 18, we have brought 2,350 citizens and it is expected that by May 5-6 we have reached over 3,200 Albanian citizens who have been abroad at the time of closing the borders by COVID-19 " , - explained Balluku.

"This whole process has been a complicated and often difficult process, especially for those citizens who have happened outside Europe. "We have had cases in Egypt, Thailand, or the United States and Canada, but we have succeeded," Balluku said.

She added that “quarantine continues to be mandatory and the only exceptions are cases of critically ill patients, or cases of minors, as we have many children returning from schools in Turkey who have to quarantine themselves, in families their and the police follow this step by step. I want to remind you that the new measures will be put in place in the coming days as the opening process has already begun. "Green areas will be expanded, but until then the whole process continues under the same conditions and parameters", - said Balluku.

Speaking about the oil sector, she said that the wells have been closed because the deposits are full and also Balluku indicated that the structural reform in Alb Petrol is currently suspended.

"I would like to inform the deputies of the Fier area about the payment of salaries for the employees of the Ballsh refinery has been realized. Over 790 employees have received the allocated salary of 40 thousand ALL, or 400 thousand old ALL. We will continue to see a long-term solution to this social problem that the employees of the Ballsh refinery face from time to time ", - said Balluku.

"Another issue related to the oil sector is the situation of the state-owned company Alb Petrol. Found in a difficult situation, as the oil level has reached the lowest price, often times negative, we have been forced that due to filled deposits, our wells are no longer operational. However, another decision we have taken is that the restructuring process of Alb Petrol, a process started several months ago, has been suspended until a second decision, in order to normalize the situation ", - concluded Minister Balluku. / ATA



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