Fiscal indicators / Revenues from local government are estimated at ALL 10.2 billion


In the period January-June of this year, revenues from local government are estimated at about 10.2 billion.

Local government revenues consist of three main items, property tax revenues, small business taxes and local taxes.

Revenues from local taxes for the period January-June are estimated at ALL 7.6 billion.

According to the report on fiscal indicators published by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, revenues from property taxes are estimated at ALL 2.2 billion, from ALL 5.3 billion planned to be collected during the year.
From the tax on small business, 331 million ALL were collected in the budget.

The government predicts that budget revenues will be about 5% of GDP lower than planned at the beginning of the year due to COVID-19. For this, it is drafting a recovery plan, which will focus on investments in energy and infrastructure, while there will be stimulating fiscal policies for small and medium businesses.


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