Specifications for the quality certificate / Criteria that must be met by food businesses


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has defined the format and criteria that must be met by food industry businesses, to be provided with a quality certificate, for agricultural or food products with technical specifications of products registered as a traditional guaranteed specialty (STG), protected geographical indication (TGM) and protected designation of origin (EOM).

According to the decision of MARD, in the quality certificate, the name and surname of the production operator are placed; address of the production operator; the name of the agricultural or food product; the category of agricultural or food product, which must be the same as the data declared by the applicant in the application format of the agricultural or food product; while the quantity of production declared by the food operator during the period of validity of the certificate will be the quantity of production that the operator has available for the market, at the moment of performing the official control.

The certificate is valid for one year, based on official controls according to risk analysis. The National Food Authority is in charge of the implementation of this order.


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