Public transport / No increase in ticket prices, daily disinfection of vehicles


The General Director of Policies and Development in the Field of Infrastructure and Territory, in the Ministry of Transport, Eltar Deda stated today that "on June 15, in addition to urban transport, intercity and international movements will be opened".

Invited to a TV studio, Deda said that "passengers and staff need to be equipped with masks and gloves during the trip".

"Starting from June 15, next Monday, all road transport, interurban, urban and international will be available after consultations of our protocols with the Institute of Public Health. We have notified all these companies, and it is ready that on June 15th we make it possible to have the start of this transport with a capacity, which will allow 70 % of their capacity, where it is mandatory any company that follow the rules of hygiene. "All passengers are obliged to be provided with masks and at the same time the staff will be wearing masks and gloves", he said.

Deda said that "at the same time there will be other means of hygiene". According to him, "every day these companies will perform disinfection and this will be monitored by the municipalities".

Deda said that there will be no increase in ticket prices. "Seeing the great crisis and the blow that this sector received, at the Ministry of Infrastructure and with the care of Minister Belinda Balluku, a working group has been set up in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. "We have been in immediate consultation so that we can help this business," he said.

Deda said that "taking into account the requests of the associations, we have made possible several schemes and will be made public so that companies receive subsidies from the government." "There will be no price increase. We have seen all the schemes for this type of business to be efficient even with this limited number of passengers ", he said, while warning of drastic measures in case of violation of safety protocols.

He said: "We have started to carry out a major reform." "At the end of September we look at the results of this study. We will move towards the creation of a central dispatcher for all traffic, the arrangement of interurban stations and the provision of electronic tickets to all passengers, as well as a series of other innovations that will transform the service. We will intervene with an economic package to help this business, but we will also intervene to discipline it continuously ", said Deda./ATA



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