Transparency with citizens: AFSA builds the online electronic register of claims TPL

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The Financial Supervision Authority has built an integrated online registry for all damages incurred for TPL motor insurance policies. This online register enables citizens a unique identification number, for them to follow the procedure of payment of their damages. Citizens insured with motor insurance policies, at the time of the accident, should contact the insurance company to report the damage. The electronic system at the AFSA automatically issues a 21-character code, with numbers and letters, starting with the date of damage reporting. This unique number the injured citizens receive from the insurance company, within the day when they report the damage.

Through the unique damage code, the citizen checks the status of the compensation file from the insurance company, ie at what stage of the payment of the damage is the review and what documentation must be completed further. This integrated online register of AFSA and insurance companies enables online communication of citizens, specifically for motor injuries, is added to the Online Platform for reporting citizens' complaints to AFSA, which is operational from February 2019.

AFSA is also working on the construction of another online system, where based on the chassis number, the previous damage to the vehicle will be listed. This will serve the citizens to know the history of the motor vehicle. This information can be found on the AFSA website The FSA thus achieves its main objective in consumer and investor protection.


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