Revenues from social and health insurance, implementation in the amount of 102.5% of the plan


Revenues collected from social and health insurance contributions, administered by the General Directorate of Taxes were realized in the amount of ALL 61.8 billion, ALL 847 million or 1.4% less than the 8 months of 2019.

But, referring to the data published by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, these revenues result in a 102.5% realization of the 2020 plan.

Social and health insurance income is a direct indicator related to the level of employment in the country.

The rise of this indicator is a positive signal that the economy is returning to its normal rhythms after the shocks suffered by the strong earthquake of November 26 and the pandemic of COVID-19, which has affected the whole world.

The implementation of the reconstruction program by the government has also given a positive impact, for which 34 billion ALL are being committed from the state budget this year alone. Also, about 290 million euro grants are being engaged in specific detailed projects agreed with donors that are in various stages of implementation.


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