Revenues in the budget for the first 6 months of 194.9 billion ALL. Priority investments in infrastructure and energy


Revenues collected in the state budget during the first half of 2020 are estimated at 194.9 billion ALL.

According to the report on fiscal indicators published by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, revenues collected during the six months of January, February, March, April, May and June result in a decrease of almost ALL 31.2 billion compared to revenues collected for 6- the first month of 2019, where ALL 226.1 billion were collected in the budget.

The drop in revenue was due to the situation created by the COVID-19 infection.

From taxes and customs during the 6 months of 2020, 125.1 billion ALL were collected, while from the local government ALL 10.2 billion.

Meanwhile, the expenditures realized during this period are estimated at ALL 233.3 billion from ALL 558.3 billion that are planned to be spent during this year.

During the first half of 2019, they spent ALL 229.5 billion.
The government says it is drafting a recovery plan for the economy. According to the Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj, investments in infrastructure and energy will be a priority.

The Minister says that policies will be undertaken that promote small and medium business.

"We give small businesses the opportunity to recover in 10 years through the fiscal policy that provides for the increase of profit tax and the increase of the VAT rate that will become effective from January 2021. For medium-sized businesses, an instrument will be set up that will be a combination of grants and guarantees, with schemes that can be more effective in preparation, but also in disbursement, and that will go mainly for businesses focused on automation and digitalization. , stated the minister.



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