Taxes / Process to be followed by the beneficiaries of financial aid according to the second package


The General Directorate of Taxes informs taxpayers and interested individuals that, in implementation of the measures taken by the Albanian Government for financial assistance, is working intensively to implement the financial assistance package 2, which will benefit a significant number of employees. of small and large businesses.

Currently, entities with an annual turnover of up to 14 million ALL, closed according to the orders of MSHMS, are applying for the benefit of financial assistance for their employees and this process continues at high rates, such as receiving requests, verifying criteria and more after payment of financial assistance to the bank accounts of the beneficiary individuals.

Application for financial assistance according to package no. 2 will be performed online, via e-filing, at, by means of a special form, for the completion of which all necessary measures are being taken to be as simple as possible, and meanwhile the verification of data and criteria to be performed with processes that require short time for approval.

Whereas, the application for financial assistance according to Package no. 2 will be made with a Form different from that of Package no. 1, and will be valid for thousands of individuals who were not beneficiaries according to DCM no. 254 dated 27.03.2020, The General Directorate of Taxes calls on all taxpayers, to avoid a fictitious increase in the number of applications, not to fill out the form that may currently appear in the system, as it applies only to beneficiaries under Package no.1

In a second announcement, information will be made available regarding the criteria to be met and how to apply for financial assistance under Package no.2



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