AntiCovid / AKU Task Force, 644 inspections and monitoring throughout the country


Inspection bodies of the National Food Authority (NFA) have continued today to inspect and monitor as part of the task force against the spread of Covid-19.

AKU announces that it has conducted 644 inspections and monitoring throughout the country, during the last 24 hours.

"Despite the daily insistence of the task force for the rigorous implementation of the security protocol against the spread of the virus, 3 administrative measures have been given to three entities for non-compliance with the conditions of the protocol", announces AKU.

Meanwhile, during the inspections, an administrative measure was issued for the trade of unsafe food products.

According to AKU, referring to the requests of an entity, the procedure of disposal of a quantity of fruits and vegetables unsuitable for consumption was performed, respectively 6000 kg of peppers, 19,000 kg of watermelon, 18000 kg of melon and 6000 kg of potatoes. While 89 samples were taken for monitoring milk and fruits and vegetables for monitoring pesticide residues.

AKU is continuing the field work in guaranteeing food safety and protection of consumer health. / ATSH /


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