Success? 5 inspirational lessons by Steve Jobs



A creative and willing man, a maniac of perfection, an individual with a very difficult character, determined and always stubborn to achieve his goals. In the book published after the death of the creator of Apple, the author Walter Isaacson would write that Jobs was extraordinary, he managed to inspire and "despair" people around him. Personality and products were interrelated, just as hardware and software are interrelated in Apple products.

He continues to be an undisputed inspiration for the world of technology today and his motivational speeches about the road to success are among the most read and clicked in the world. Below we list the 5 important lessons of success according to the man who revolutionized technology and the market.

Stay away from others

By the time the Mac was built, Apple was meant to be different from others and do things that other computer companies had never done before. Currently Apple has shown that being different from others makes a huge difference in today's marketing. It is already clear that when it comes to innovations and new ideas, Apple comes first in the rankings among companies of the same nature.

Be persistent 

To become a successful leader in a certain field, or to build a successful business, you have to persevere strongly. It is not an easy thing to do because everyone would already have their own business. Steve Jobs had a lot of problems during the creation of Apple and the advancement of the company over the years. He even left Apple for a while, when needed. So no matter how difficult times you are going through, perseverance remains the key to success.

Success? 5 inspirational lessons of Steve Jobs 1
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Quality or quantity?

In case you didn’t know, Jobs was obsessed with seeing perfect products. He sought perfection in Apple products. It is very simple to focus on a certain field to produce a perfect product, neglecting other fields, so if you are part of the business world, you should know that nowadays the difference is made by quality.

Trust yourself

One of Jobs's most famous sayings in Stanford University speech was that you can not walk looking to the future, but only looking to the past. This is how you understand what the future holds. This means that you have to have confidence in yourself today that tomorrow you will stay in the yard of success.


Love what you do

Maybe Steve Jobs wasn’t the only one who taught us that we had to love what we did in order to be successful at it. There are many people who work hard but do not like what they do, so they do not succeed. If you are trying to succeed in something you love, it is not that difficult. You will make everything happy and you will be satisfied with every little positive result you will achieve,


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