Statistics in the service of development / INSTAT added 9 new statistical products during 2019


The Acting General Director of INSTAT, Elsa Dhuli, presented today, in the plenary session of the Assembly, the Annual Report 2019, where she presented a detailed overview of the activities of INSTAT and the National Statistical System.

"During 2019 INSTAT, for the growth of statistical products and for the provision of reliable and comparable data, which help on the processes of development and transformation in the socio-economic fields of the country, increased the number of statistical products, with 9 new publications "- said Dhuli

According to her, during 2019, the producers of official statistics have carried out 117 statistical activities and have conducted 185 statistical support activities, which are related to the nature of the administration of the institution and increase its performance.

While noting that during this year, INSTAT became part of the 50th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission, while in May 2019 Albania was accepted as a member of the High Level Group for Partnership, Coordination and Capacity Building, represented by INSTAT, whose role is to provide as a group strategic direction for the processes of implementation of sustainable development objectives as well as monitoring and statistical reporting.

“In the framework of the preparatory work for the next Census of Population and Housing, INSTAT developed the Census Pilot in defined areas, the results of which are being analyzed, to guarantee the successful realization of this major operation. "While measuring the impact of emergency events caused by natural disasters or pandemics, INSTAT contributed with two ad-hoc statistical activities, measuring the impact of earthquake damage to families and businesses in the most affected areas," said Dhuri.

"For 2020, she stressed, INSTAT has planned to carry out a total of 293 activities, of which 215 are ongoing activities and 78 are new activities, which have about 6,399 tasks according to the work phases reflected in the standard process model (Generic Standard Business process Model); 137 are statistical activities, which are directly related to the statistical production process and 156 other activities, which are related to the aspect of providing human and financial resources, material base and services, administration of the institution and increasing institutional performance. 15 statistical activities will provide the addition of new indicators in accordance with the principles of statistical quality.

Referring to the situation created by COVID-19, Dhuli stressed that INSTAT suspended the preparatory activities for the Census of Population and Housing, which was scheduled to take place in October this year.

"However, INSTAT is continuing to carry out preparatory activities for the realization of Cens, as one of the major projects of the Albanian institution and state that will provide key information on population and housing, will look at population changes in the last decade, size and family structure, migration, education, employment, disability, housing conditions, etc. The large data set to be provided by this Cens will be a good source of information for the development, monitoring and evaluation of various policies. socio-economic, strategies and development plans at national, local and sectoral level "- said the acting General Director of INSTAT, Elsa Dhuli./ATSH/



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