National Scheme / Malësi e Madhe, 450 farmers have applied so far in beekeeping, medicinal plants and livestock


Over 450 farmers in Malësia e Madhe, in the north of the country, have applied from May 16 to June 12, in the National Support Scheme for Agriculture 2020, to obtain funding to expand their agricultural activity.

The Mayor of Malësia e Madhe, Tonin Marinaj, told ATSH that there is an increased interest of farmers to benefit from the funds that the government has made available to them for the development of agriculture, while there are still 6 days left from the closing of applications (dated 19 June 2020), in the National Scheme.

According to him, farmers in Malësia e Madhe have applied mainly to support measures for beekeeping, medicinal plants and livestock.

Marinaj said that beekeeping, medicinal plants and livestock are three of the main directions of the rural economy in the area of Malësia e Madhe, which in recent years have become a common denominator for the development of agritourism, a sector with potential and expectations for successful development. for the future of the area.

The National Scheme of Agricultural Support 2020, addresses a fund of 7 billion ALL from the state budget in support of farmers.

This year the National Scheme covers rural sectors, which are not funded by IPARD, thus avoiding overlapping funding.

Specifically, beekeepers receive 10 thousand ALL for each beehive. While about 70% of the Scheme fund goes to finance livestock and farmers operating in the medicinal plants sector, benefit 2 million ALL per hectare planted with these crops./ATA



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