How will pedestrians move in urban areas, from March 30?


Pursuant to the restrictive measures announced to prevent the spread of COVID-19, during the period of restrictions on the movement of citizens in urban areas, the State Police clarifies that:

From March 30, 2020 onwards, in e-Albania will be offered the online service "Permit to leave" from home. This permit is valid only for the time band 05: 00-13: 00, for shopping or buying medicines.

The "exit permit" is only 1 hour per day and is approved only for 1 family member, on that day. The system interacts with the National Registry of Civil Status, where the family affiliation of the applicant is verified and the approval message that arrives on the citizen's phone is a confirmation for the Police structures.

The State Police reminds that the "Exit Permit" will be denied to every pensioner, as one of the most vulnerable age groups to be affected by COVID-19.

For cases of accidents, emergencies, emergencies or diseases that require medical treatment in health institutions, the citizen should call 112 or 129 and wait for confirmation of movement.

Also, we clarify that from 05:00 to 13:00, no citizen will be allowed to leave the apartment, except for this category that will be provided with authorization, as well as those who are at work and have previous authorizations.

No other citizen will be allowed to go out for other reasons, such as walking, staying in parks and gardens, sports or moving without any reason.

Pursuant to these restrictive measures, the State Police appeals to family members who want to shop or buy medicine to apply in e-Albania or the toll-free number 55155, as police patrols, if they find pedestrians with a lack of email or message confirmers from e-Albania, will apply fines to violators.



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