Postponement of the fiscalization process / Vjero: facilitates small and medium business to recover after COVID-19


The Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy, Vasilika Vjero announced today that the government's decision to postpone the start of the fiscalization process for another year was taken to facilitate small and medium-sized businesses that are focused on recovering their activity for due to Covid-19.

"With the amendments to the law that are expected to be passed in Parliament, it is foreseen to extend the deadlines for the implementation of the fiscalization process, due to the pandemic. The changes are made to facilitate the business, not to increase the burden of electronic billing, which would take time to learn from them ", said Vjero in a media interview.

These, she said, are the reasons why it is foreseen that the start-up period of fiscalization will be extended by 1 year for taxpayers who carry out cash transactions.

"While for those taxpayers who perform cashless transactions with the government there will be no postponement of the process, but it will start on January 1, 2021. For transactions between taxpayers without cash will be on July 1, 2021 as it was foreseen ", said Vjero.

The fiscalization process is a process that will completely change the way businesses do the billing process and force businesses to adapt to new technology.


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