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Tourist Albania / Security protocol from distance on the beaches to room service, almost the first charter tourists


The Ministry of Tourism and Environment together with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, have drafted a draft protocol for the measures of the tourist season, a draft that is similar to those of European countries and the region and that will be valid for all entities. tourist from north to south of the country.

The Director of the National Tourism Agency, Kornelia Ferizaj, during an interview for the Albanian Telegraphic Agency said that through this protocol will be determined what are the security measures that an entity must respect to exercise its activity during the tourist season. This protocol will also be a security certificate for foreign tourists who expect to come to our country from one moment to the next.

"The Ministry of Tourism and Environment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and referring to all practices from the World Health Organization and suggestions from the World Tourism Organization has drafted a protocol for the measures of the tourist season within the pandemic ", - said Ferizaj

"It is a very broad document because we have consulted with the practices of other countries and it is almost like all countries in the region and Europe. This means that the draft contains an added element of security in all accommodation structures, bars and restaurants and is very detailed and includes from the moment tourists enter the accommodation structures where there will be a coordinator who will measure the temperature ", stressed Director of AKT.

"There is an added element of security in terms of social distance during the morning, there will no longer be those classic bars that will be a cupboard, but breakfast will be offered in the room mainly. There will be such measures that will be only 4 members of a family in 10 square meters. There will be increased safety measures in the elevator, the use of recreational facilities, sauna, swimming pool, beach is also very important. This is a very important element. And this protocol also includes the increased measures regarding the beach stations, where there will be increased hygiene rules, a distance of 3 meters at sea will be maintained. The squares will have a division in certain meters, where there will be 4 people in 10 square meters ", - explained Ferizaj.

According to her, a very strong cooperation is needed between the institutions to monitor the implementation of this security protocol.

"There will be an increased element of security in all services and accommodation structure, bars, restaurants, hotels and lounges", said Ferizaj for ATSH, adding that the National Environment Agency and the National Coast Agency will certify the accommodation structures .

"So they will go to the field after the application that will make the accommodation structure and will verify all the conditions. If the structure has all the hygienic-sanitary conditions and standards set by MTM and MSHMS, then this structure will be certified with COVID FREE. If this structure does not have COVID FREE certification, then measures will be taken to reduce the activity or close it.

Regarding the entry into force of this protocol, she said that "it is a little early to talk, as it is a draft consultation that is being discussed and has not yet been publicly launched. From the moment this draft was launched a week ago, there have been many changes and all the suggestions given by the operators have been reflected, certainly based on their practices and experiences. Of course, if the operators have other suggestions, they will reflect them ", - stressed Ferizaj

"Since its title (Draft) there is an inscription that is valid only in the removal of restrictive measures by the Albanian government. So the moment we will have a gradual opening and the activity will start gradually, then this protocol will be implemented. The protocol will be mandatory to be implemented by all accommodation structures from the north to the south of the country, including from multi-room hotels to Guest House, whether these are only two-room. All structures will pass to this process is inevitable ", - said Ferizaj for ATSH.

"As far as nature tourism is concerned, the activities will be more allowed due to their characteristics, which are less dangerous, but the accommodation structures where these tourists will be accommodated will definitely be certified," she added.

Regarding foreign tourists and those who come by charter, Ferizaj said in the interview for ATSH that the security protocol is a security certificate for these tourists, who have not canceled their trips to our country, but have suspended or postponed them. in anticipation of a more opportune moment.

"We as the Minister have constant contacts with the main Albanian tour operators and they have contacts with their tour operators. Contracts have not been canceled, simply postponed or suspended depending on the situation. With the positive hope that the activity will open and start gradually, at the end of May and the beginning of June, they have the charters ready, even the protocol, so they asked for it because they wanted to offer it as a security certificate to their partners, that Albania is getting masat ", - said Ferizaj.

"The protocol also stipulates that if a person declares that he does not feel well, then a certain protocol is stipulated that this tourist will be isolated, there will be a staff that will follow him for as many days as he will stay with all the procedures." , - underlined the Director of AKT.

This year, said Ferizaj, should be the year "Consume Albanian".

"The promotional campaign that we are launching now is to use as many Albanian products as possible and to be the year of Albania's exploration. Let us all enjoy this summer in Albania and explore the fantastic destinations that Albania has. Let's not forget that in our country fantastic investments have been made, like in Durrës, where there are hotels that have everything included, the same as those in Europe, even in different areas of Albania where there are hotels where you can relax just like in Turkey or Greece ", - concluded Kornelia Ferizaj, Director of the National Tourism Agency. / ATA





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