SKOPJE - MV opens borders without COVID-19 test and without mandatory quarantine


As of today, all border crossings in the Republic of Northern Macedonia are open, where locals and foreigners will move without obstacles, without the obligation of the COVID-19 test and without the mandatory quarantine.

The decision was taken by the government based on the recommendations of the Infectious Diseases Commission.

The government decided to open the airports in Skopje and Ohrid on July 1.

It remains an obligation to comply with the recommendations for maintaining personal protective equipment, keeping distance and frequent disinfection.

According to health authorities, the opening of borders does not pose a significant risk of increasing the number of new cases.

However, with the exception of Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Turkey, this obligation remains for entry into some countries in the region and EU member states.

For travel to EU member states, the guidelines issued by the EC for the opening of borders from 1 July apply.

This decision is expected to be reconsidered due to the increase in the number of coranavirus patients in countries in the region.



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