Tourist season / Saranda, 20% packages cheaper than a year ago


"Saranda for the first time with cheaper tourist packages 20%", said the mayor of Saranda, Ardian Gurma, while inviting the citizens to visit the coastal city.

Gurma explained that the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and their experts have drafted a project regarding the protocol of measures against COVID-19 for the tourist season and onwards.

He said that “really this is in the phase of a draft and we have made it known with this draft protocol and in the coming days in close cooperation with interest groups and tour operators where they will give our thoughts and opinions in a way that this project passes from draft to normal protocol of measures ”.

Regarding the recognition of the draft, Gurma said that “we are in this phase of the recognition of the draft and we will enter the phase of discussions with other actors and interest groups to give our opinions so that the draft takes final shape and with the opening of the season tourism to be implemented ”.

Regarding the opening of the tourist season, Gurma said that if it was in our desire we would like it as soon as it is opened every year on the first 15 days of May. But, according to him, the second and third week of May is the most suitable period for the opening of the tourist season. Of course we are in a difficult situation and it does not depend on our wishes, but I judge and think that at least the municipality of Saranda is in the belt of green municipalities and this day will not be far away. Thanks to these measures that we have taken, but also to the awareness of the citizens, we are better compared to other municipalities ".

In terms of prices, Gurma added that despite the good will to maximize profits from all tour operators, this is where the local government comes into play with its mechanisms. "In the meetings we have had we have received a kind of opinion, but we have done more the role of regulator and advisor, but it is better to have better prices than other years," he said.

Gurma stressed that Saranda for the first time will be with cheaper 20% tourist packages.

"We have received some approval, but we have also played the role of advisor, it is better for them to operate at cheaper prices than a year ago, because this served local tourists, because having cheaper prices there will be a higher access by vacationers. The hoteliers have given me the right to set as a target that in all hotels, the package will be 20% cheaper than other years. "Given the fact that the movement from neighboring countries is in question, we are oriented towards local packages, and all operators have taken the initiative to operate with packages, unlike years ago," said Gurma. / ATA



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