'' Sèvres '' - The city of pottery in the heart of France 


'' Sèvres '' is one of the leading European porcelain factories, located in Sèvres, Hauts-de-Seine, France. This brand is the continuation of the "Vincennes" porcelain, founded in 1738, which was moved to Sèvres in 1756. 130 meters long and with several tall columns, the building was erected between 1753 and 1756 by the architect Laurent Lindet in the site of a farm called De la Guyarde.

This historic brand has been the property of the French crown or government since 1759 and has always maintained the highest standards of quality and design, bringing about a revolution and standing at the top of the pyramid of porcelain products of all time.

Even today, the production of this brand is still based mainly on the creation of contemporary objects. 

'' Sèvres '' - The city of pottery in the heart of France 1

Take a piece of France with you wherever you go

In the 1800s Napoleon, as Minister of the Interior, appointed Alexandre Brongniart director of the Sèvres. He would stay 47 years in that post, bringing and generating over the years many positive changes and innovations. For a considerable period of time the factory focused on tableware and larger decorative works such as vases and decorative tableware, most of which the government could use or give as gifts to diplomats, as a special symbol that would be remembered wherever French style and grandeur would go. 

Until 2009, the Sèvres product line was a national service administered by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

As a result of a decree of 26 December 2009, from 1 January 2010, the manufacturer has formed the public organization '' Sèvres - Cité de la céramique '', (Sèvres - City of ceramics), together with the national museum of ceramics.


'' Sèvres '' - The city of pottery in the heart of France 2

Since becoming a public organization, its mission, in keeping with its origins and heritage in 1740, is to produce ceramic works of art using artisanal techniques, including both reproductions of old patterns and contemporary creations. Produces both for state needs and for commercial sales and is in charge of promoting technological and artistic research in ceramics. '' Sèvres '' produces in a high quality handicraft, neglecting the mass production of industrial scale.

'' Sèvres '' - The city of pottery in the heart of France 3

The factory creations are displayed in only two galleries: one in the "Sèvres" and the other in the heart of Paris, between the "Louvre" and the "Comédie Française". The brand also organizes numerous exhibitions around the world and participates in a number of contemporary art festivals.

'' Sèvres '' - The city of pottery in the heart of France 4

Due to its reputation for excellence and its internationally recognized prestige, the brand over the years has always attracted, some of the best ceramics in the world where among the most famous are: Louis-Simon Boizot, François Boucher, Louise Bourgeois, Félix Bracquemond, Alexander Calder, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, Ernest Chaplet, Hermine David, Théodore Deck, Martin Drolling, etc.

Decades later from its inception, the porcelain factory is still popular and enjoys the fame of the extraordinary and preferred among the political rulers, elites and monarchs of the time. The colored porcelain works "Sèvres" are diverse and vary from kitchen utensils, sculptures, portraits, vases as well as various structural elements, where as a basis are used porcelain reliefs and the most artistic decorations.


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