UN Secretary Guterres: 2020 was a year of trials, tragedies and tears but there is still hope


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres held the year-end conference. He sent a healing message to the world in 2021, a year that wished to bring us a ray of hope in the face of great challenges.

Guterres called for unity and solidarity to leave behind a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic with the ongoing suffering and famine it brought along with human tragedies.

"Dear friends, 2020 was a year of trials, tragedies and tears. Covid-19 affected our lives and plunged the world into suffering and mourning. We have lost many loved ones and the pandemic continues creating new waves of infection and death. Poverty, inequality and hunger are on the rise. Jobs are disappearing and debts are rising. The children are suffering. Domestic violence is on the rise and insecurity is everywhere. But the New Year is ahead of us, and with it, we see a ray of hope: people are reaching out to neighbors and strangers; front-line workers are doing their best, scientists are developing vaccines in record time; "Countries are making new efforts to prevent a climate catastrophe," he said.

Guterres adds that if everyone works together in unity and solidarity, these rays of hope can spread everywhere in the world. He says the United Nations' main goal for 2021 is to build a global carbon neutrality coalition with zero emissions by 2025.

"Together, let us make peace between us and nature, fight the climate crisis, stop the spread of Covid-19 and make 2021 a year of recovery. Healing from the impact of the deadly virus. To heal broken economies and societies as well as disruptions. ”

In the end, the UN leader wished the holidays and a more peaceful New Year./SYRI.NET


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