Sanremo: How much does a TV spot cost during the festival


The 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival opened tonight for 2020.

Despite some controversy surrounding the Festival, the first night, which took place last night directly from the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, attracted the attention of more than 10 million spectators.

The listenability of Sanremo 2020 songs directed by Amadeus, is considered a record.

52.2% which is the highest percentage since 2005 when it was rated 54.10% under the direction of Paolo Bonolis.

Very satisfied with the ratings and viewership rates are the representatives of RAI, who expect to collect the maximum revenue from publicity.

Antonio Marano president of Rai Pubblicita` has stated that Sanremo is considered the beginning of

Italian "Super Bowl" and that the expectations from the publicity for the Sanremo 2020 edition are considerable and the amount of last year's edition is expected to exceed 31 million euros.

As in the case of the Super Bowl and other activities of this level, companies pour staggering sums to promote their products.

For this edition of Sanremo 2020, according to the evidence released by Rai Pubblicita, the prices for a 30 second spot range from 25 thousand euros minimum to 414 thousand euros maximum.

Price differences depend on the time bands in which the spot is placed and on what day. Last night, which was the first night of the Festival in the calculation of advertising spots, is considered the second most expensive night. A 30 second spot at 21.45 costs 414 thousand euros, while as expensive time bands are also 21.15 which costs 386 thousand euros and 22.25 which costs 397 thousand.

The final night is also the most expensive night for advertising spots, although the maximum amount for a 30 second spot is 414 thousand euros, the difference is made during the following time bands such as 23.40, 00.05 and 00.30 where the spot prices reach the value of 100 thousand euros.


Source: Forbes Italy

Adapted from: Star Business 



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