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Samsung Terrace suitable for outdoor environments, does not prevent rain


Samsung did not have any 4K QLED TV for outdoor use.

But, Samsung Terrace is the Samsung QLED TV smart TV that everyone has been waiting for, integrated with Quantum HDR, Direct Full Arey 16x, and Quantum Dot color technology.

This 4K television is very suitable for outdoor environments, as it contains over 2,000 nodes for lighting, making the picture visible even when the sun is shining.

Even light rain does not prevent the television, as it is built in that form, to survive water and dust up to IP55 level. The dimensions of the Terrace are 55, 65 and 75 inches, making it very convenient, to be mounted on the wall.

Along with this television, the Terrace Soundbar is also offered, which has an IP55 resistance level, and emits sound suitable for the outdoor environment.

Those interested in the 55-inch Samsung Terrace have to pay 3,167 euros, for the 65-inch version it costs 4,582 euros, while the 75-inch version costs 5,957 euros. The purchase of this television, together with the Terrace Soundbar, costs 1,100 euros.



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