The resumption of public transport based on European Models / Movement of vehicles at half capacity, the final protocol is expected soon


By the beginning of June, as part of the facilitation measures taken by the government, after the isolation dictated by the health experts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is expected to resume work and urban and interurban transport, under well-defined hygiene measures and social distancing.

The head of the Intercity Transport Association, Kujtim Mema, during a statement for the Albanian Telegraphic Agency has announced that initially the date of June 9 was intended for the reopening of public transport, while the modalities and protocols to be followed are being discussed.

"We still do not have an official date, this is decided by health experts, but the date is June 9. The intercity bus fleet is ready, after the quarterly closure. With the closure of this service in March, their disinfection began. In terms of measures this is a matter for experts. We have held meetings with state structures, the ministry, DPSHTRR, where we have given our suggestions. "Based on what has happened in other countries, in order to guarantee social distance, we are expected to have vehicles moving at half capacity, one seat and one no, with masks and gloves," said Mema.

He added that this will also reflect on costs. "Of course, the measures that will be taken will have an increase in cost. The bus will leave disinfected at half capacity and when it arrives at its destination it will be disinfected again, to make the way back. We have discussed with the state structures with the relevant bodies where we have been told that mechanisms will be found to prevent the damage that will be created by these measures. "No later than yesterday or the day before yesterday, a meeting was held on how this transport will be realized, without harming the operators and the citizen", - said Mema.

"The abolition of the annual transport tax for vehicles over 8 + 1, for this year, due to the situation created by COVID 19, is a great help received from Blendi Gonxhe, director of the General Directorate of Road Transport Utilization for which we are grateful for ", - stressed for ATSH Mema.

Rixhin Qoshja, head of the National Association of Urban Transport, during a statement for ATSH, says that some adjustments are being made based on European models of how transport will be done. "As of March 11, this service is closed. We have completely disinfected the buses and washed them. All public transport users eagerly request the resumption of this service. "We must apply the standards applied by other countries around us," Qoshja said.

"We are making some adaptations based on models that have been made in Europe to understand the capacity of passengers we can transport. With some manipulations that we have done based on the Italian model or that of Prishtina, then we can not have more than 30 passengers, ie 30% of capacity, one seat but one seat no, the standard rules for masks and gloves ", - said Qoshja.

"We have given some of our opinions, we have given our suggestions, but we still do not have anything concrete and we are still waiting for the final protocol. With regard to the bill, this is a problem because we can not respect the safety distance with the bill. "This remains to be resolved by the relevant authorities," he said.

Qoshja said that “The General Directorate of Road Transport Utilization, led by Gonxhe has supported transport companies, has reimbursed all taxes this year for vehicles for passenger transport. It is a great help for us, in a situation that has become difficult for urban transport operators ", - concluded Qoshja. / ATA



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