Reconstruction in Fushë-Krujë / Bushi: The space of 10 ha that is being transformed into a construction site for housing families


In Fushë-Krujë, the reconstruction project started yesterday to shelter the families that were left homeless from the November 26 earthquake.

In an area of 10 ha and at a distance of 1 km from the center of Fushë-Krujë, individual apartments and flats will be built for the inhabitants of Fushë-Krujë, where families with damage level DS4 and DS5 will be housed. While families with damage level DS1, DS2 and DS3 will receive financial compensation.

The mayor of Kruja, Artur Bushi, said that “in the four sites approved in the municipality of Kruja, we are working with the expropriation procedures, where there is private property. In Fushë-Krujë it started faster, as the whole area was public land ”.

"Currently, the space of 10 ha is being turned into a construction site, removing the iron structures of the farm that was in operation before the '90s, as well as the inert filling of the land", - stressed Bushi.

Mayor Bushi declares that the project will have two phases, where the first is the extension of underground infrastructure, realization and isolation of aboveground points such as water supply exits, sewage and rainwater discharge, electricity supply of electricity high and low telecommunications ”.

"The second phase is the collective and individual dwellings together with the urban furniture such as recreational spaces, playgrounds, lighting, health centers, nurseries, gardens, community centers",

Work phases, project, accommodation and urban infrastructure for the reconstruction project

The Reconstruction Site will have two phases, where the first is the underground excavation for all infrastructure works according to the forecasts of the implementation project. Positioning and connection of the new infrastructure with certain points of food / supply / discharge should be done for the whole total area and in consideration of all constructions foreseen for short-term and long-term realization.

After the completion of the extension of the underground infrastructure, it is completed with the realization and isolation of the aboveground points such as water supply outlets, sewage and rainwater discharges, electricity supply of high and low currents of telecommunications.

Meanwhile, after the rehabilitation of the basic infrastructure, the second phase begins with the construction of collective housing, starting with the respective excavations, realization of foundations and foundations, modular carabiners, exterior and interior masonry, insulation and exterior finishes, and finally interior finishes. After the completion of the construction of the collective buildings, the completion of the road segments that contour the area and those within the area that connect with the main road, for the normal functioning of this part of the block.

After the completion of all phases of house construction, a health center, nursery, kindergarten, community center will be built. The completion of the construction and operation of the whole quarter comes with the realization of all external systems inside the villas as well as in the common recreational spaces, with the fulfillment of all needs with urban furniture such as high and low outdoor lighting, landing benches, small baskets garbage, signage and traffic signs, as well as works of art.

The construction of collective housing will be no higher than 5 floors. In the new reconstruction area defined in Fushë Krujë, housing is provided for 218 families, of which 91 families in collective housing and 147 families in individual housing./ATA





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