Recovery of the economy after the pandemic / Priority investments in infrastructure and energy, incentive policies for small and medium business


The Minister of Finance and Economy Anila Denaj stated that the debt provided by the Albanian government will go to the recovery of the economy, which was hit due to COVID-19.

The Minister said that an estimate of the damage caused due to COVID-19 has been made in revenues estimated as 5% of GDP.

According to Denaj, the public debt is estimated at 75-80%.

Speaking about the Recovery plan, Denaj said that investments in infrastructure and energy are a priority.

"In the energy sector is a foreign investment, almost 150 million euros from a French company for clean renewable energy in Karavasta. It will be the airport of Vlora. It will also invest in roads that will better connect cities and rural areas so that we do not have centralization only in Tirana and Durres, but have distribution throughout Albania and enable tourism to have the biggest impact this year. comes to have a better recovery ", declared Denaj.

The Minister said that policies will be undertaken that can promote small and medium business.

"We give small businesses the opportunity to recover in 10 years through the fiscal policy that provides for the increase of profit tax and the increase of the VAT rate that will become effective from January 2021. For medium-sized businesses, an instrument will be set up that will be a combination of grants and guarantees, with schemes that can be more effective in preparation, but also in disbursement, and that will go mainly for businesses focused on automation and digitalization. , the minister announced.

Asked about the administrative measures against the business that does not implement the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, Minister Denaj said that the business should implement the approved protocols, as they are the only safeguard not to go towards re-closure, which is a scenario very bad for us.

Regarding the salaries of the war, Minister Denaj announced that from the first aid package granted by the government, 65 thousand citizens have benefited or about 1 thousand more than was initially foreseen when the package was drafted. The average monthly fund for this package, she said, is estimated at around 1.6 billion ALL. Regarding the second aid package with a bonus of 40 thousand ALL for each individual, Minister Denaj said that about 176 thousand individuals are expected to benefit and that so far they have benefited 176 thousand.

Denaj said that for the employees of those businesses that did not apply, a decision was made that enables the employees to apply directly to become beneficiaries of the bonus. It is estimated, she said, to be about 7,000 employees for whom the employer did not provide assistance.




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