Republic of Northern Macedonia / COVID 19: New additional measures to stop movement.


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Oliver Spasovski, together with the Minister of Health, dr. Venko Filipce and dr. Vladimir Mikic from the Institute for Public Health, today held a press conference where they informed about additional measures to restrict the movement of citizens, as well as the latest health bulletin on the situation with the treatment and spread of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Spasovski, at the press conference, informed that at today's 36th meeting, on the proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases within the Ministry of Health and the General Staff of Crisis, the decision to ban the movement of citizens in throughout the country, for the continuation of curfew throughout the territory of Northern Macedonia.

According to this supplement, the movement of all citizens throughout the territory is prohibited, every working day, from Monday to Friday, from 16:00 to 05:00 the next day.

During the weekend, the movement of all citizens is prohibited from Friday at 16:00 until Monday at 05:00, in the entire territory of the state.

For persons over the age of 67, movement is prohibited from Monday to Friday, except in the period from 10:00 to 12:00.

For young people up to the age of 18, movement is prohibited during all working days, from Monday to Friday, except in the period from 13:00 to 15:00

According to the Decision, the movement of all citizens in public places and public spaces in groups larger than two people is prohibited, in which case the parent is allowed to be in larger groups with his children up to 14 years.

The new bans take effect on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.

For agricultural activities, movement within the territory (areas) of villages is allowed, exclusively for work needs.

Pharmacies will work without problems, while the Ministry of Health will draft a plan for the smooth functioning of health institutions.

Exemptions from the ban apply to the police, the army, health workers (in IPH and IPSH, as well as family doctors) and to shops and restaurants that deliver products, in which case they will carry out their commitments without problems.

Municipal staffs in the framework of their crisis activities organize to organize the distribution of necessary items for the elderly and persons from risk groups.

The purpose of these measures, as well as all the measures brought, stressed the Prime Minister Spasovskki, are first and foremost the protection of public health and the protection of the health of each person.

"The phase we are entering is probably a phase in which we will expect the biggest challenges, this is a radical new phase for the stability of the health system, the protection of health workers, individual and collective health, for the economy. and the sustainability of the social context. Each of us must make the maximum contribution to this critical gas into which we enter to pass it with less damage. You know, in the end we will stop the enemy, but - this battle will last. "Only together can we reduce the offensive force", stressed Prime Minister Spasovski and added that it depends on each of us how long it will last and with what intensity we will fight against the corona virus.

Prime Minister Spasovski stressed at the press conference that we must be honest and sincere and accept the warnings of experts that in the next two to three weeks we will reach the peak of the number of people infected with the corona virus, which is expected to be between 2,000 and 2,500 confirmed cases,

"It is better to prepare for more and to be less, instead of preparing for less and the opposite to happen. The threat is terrible - radical. "Therefore, our behavior, of each of us, may be radically different from now," said Prime Minister Spasovski.

During his speech at the press conference, on the occasion of additional and more restrictive measures for the movement of citizens, Prime Minister Spasovski stressed that this year, the Easter and Ramadan holidays, as well as all other holidays in this period, should and will we spend them at home.

"This year, believers will send their prayers from home. Easter messages for victory over death, we send from home. The same goes for Ramadan messages. From home, over the phone, through the internet, each from his own family, from his own home and not gathered in the homes of relatives and guests. "It will not make us weaker believers - on the contrary, it will strengthen our souls, because we all know that with this we save lives!", Stressed Prime Minister Spasovski.

During his speech, the Prime Minister once again appealed that it is very important to respect the measures, because only in that way citizens will protect themselves, their families, their friends and health workers who at the moment are our heroes.

"And you know, the state has capacities! There are currently more than 1,000 beds in the hospital's capacity, in case of hospitalization of sick citizens. But let us be heroes and not bring the work up there. "Tomorrow is World Health Day and this year the WHO is fully dedicated to health workers and in this context I want to tell them to protect themselves, so that they can protect us all, our families and public health", added Mr. Spasovski.



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