Rama presents the fiscal amnesty, this week he goes for approval in the Parliament


"We are ready to present the fiscal amnesty to the parliament. This is necessary, because for 30 years citizens in emigration have done various jobs and have full savings that have been impossible to deposit in banks.

Also the companies that have not declared income, so it will be an amnesty that will provide facilities for immigrants especially, but also those we have instead of formalizing the money they have available.

Amnesty prohibits the recycling of criminal and corrupt proceeds, thus excluding those convicted of criminal activity.

Excluded are politicians, senior officials and their family circle, and those who militate in the ranks of the police, prosecutors, prosecutors, and senior administration officials. So everyone else will benefit when this amnesty is approved in parliament.

The amnesty is supposed to last for one year, to be divided into three four-month packages, in the first band the obligation to deposit money will be 5%, in the second 7% and in the third 10%, but these are figures that will be discussed and tested with stakeholders further in the process.

Amnesty to be fully credible and permanently sustainable will be fiscal and criminal. For this period, there will be no consequence in the future, except in cases when a subject has made a false statement, for example, that they have not been involved in criminal activities and then it turns out to be such ", said Rama.



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