Rama: In the first months of the year, the antiCOVID vaccination starts


Prime Minister Rama stated today during the online conference held with journalists that, “all countries are waging a great fight for the provision of large quantities of antiCovid vaccine while Albania is in constant communication with some friendly countries to provide the vaccine in two months first of next year ”.

"We are at work every day on this issue. Keep in mind that it is different what is said in the media and what is commented on the screens and different what is the concrete reality of the situation with the vaccine. The numbers of vaccines that the big countries are getting compared to their expectations are extremely low, they are not telling them yet as far as I know. You will hear them start saying how much they have taken to get started and then you will realize that it is another thing that moves behind the screens and behind the portals that has not yet been made transparent. The problem is that demand is higher than supply and the amount of production is far less than the need. "Obviously this is a big problem in the first phase because in the meantime companies are increasing the amount of production," Rama said.

The Prime Minister continued, "The United States has imposed a ban on the export of any quantity and the Pfizer vaccine, which is an approved vaccine, the main quantity is the United States. No dose comes out of the US to other countries. We are in communication with all three companies, constantly, both with Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna and I am very confident and while we are in communication with some friendly countries as you know the EU has made a decision in my view pretty much for sorry, but this is how he got it: that for the countries of the Western Balkans surpluses will be given. There is actually no surplus here. "There is a big problem for every country because there are far fewer than they had planned."

"However, with some friendly countries, we are in communication, I can not name names. What I do know is that we will not lag behind others and we will start vaccinating early next year. I can't say when the date is. I talked about the first 2 months of next year, I do not want to give more data today because 100% are not confirmed, so it may be soon, it may be a little later but within the next 2 months this is where vaccination will begin. Then we will have no problem because the dosing arrival calendar is a calendar that in all countries with increasing volumes. What I want to emphasize is that unfortunately the provision of vaccine is more than ever diplomacy, personal relations, friendships, communications, contacts. It is a great war that is being waged today behind the scenes by all states to have as large quantities as possible. It's really like the milk queues of the old days, where instead of residents coming down the palace and putting bottles in there, it's the states. This is the situation. I tell everyone to be calm because as we have shown before when it comes to making a beggar for Albania, I believe we know how to do it better than anyone else ", said Rama.


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