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Rama and Manastirliu wish the Infectious Diseases doctors a Merry Christmas: Gratitude for the heroic work, vaccine for you at the beginning of the year


Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, wished a Merry Christmas to the doctors and nurses at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tirana, and announced that after the COVID situation, the Infectious Diseases Hospital will be built from scratch.

Expressing gratitude for the heroic and tireless work in these 10 months of the global pandemic COVID-19, Rama and Manastirliu were given some symbolic gifts.

Prime Minister Rama said “a lot of respect has been done to all and an extraordinary work and sacrifice has been made. Here is what happened once in 100 years, it is on your shoulders, apparently you will pass it very successfully and it will remain marked in your personal life as an extraordinary heroic moment, of which, you will be proud for yourself and for your colleagues and family, Albania will also be proud of you ”.

The head of government told doctors and nurses that they would be vaccinated very soon.

"It is a matter of weeks, I believe, and then we will escalate it, it is a difficult situation because even the big countries are receiving very few doses than they had predicted. Because the US manufacturing base, the US President has decided to ban the export of any dose. So the rest of the production that is outside the US has fewer doses and for starters it is a problem. I have talked to some prime ministers these days and they are still not saying the figures publicly, because they are much less than what they promised, not because they did not have information, but the information they had changed due to the dynamics. "We are in communication with some of the states because now the agreements become state by state," Rama said.

The Prime Minister said that "now, despite the agreement with the companies with Pfizer, we are very close to Astrazeneca, I believe the Oxford vaccine will be approved within this year, we are also in discussion with Moderna, but it has a smaller amount outside the US. Then the state must come to terms with the other states. There was talk of Northern Macedonia, but those are the 100 doses that Bulgaria has stated it will give to Northern Macedonia just like us. We have not stated this, as the first is an expression of kindness, but it is not a fact, the second we did not want to talk, but we are very close. "We are very confident that for the teams of COVID hospitals it will be very soon", - underlined Rama.

Prime Minister Rama also announced the adaptation of a project at the Air Albiania stadium to deploy all the teams that will do the vaccinations.

"This is because, as they have suggested to us in open spaces, it is better to have controlled queues. We are doing a very nice project and in the first weeks of January we will have it installed. Very soon we will immunize you first, then step by step we will continue with all the doctors, teachers, police officers who are most in contact with people, then in March, April the doses will be more and the production will have surplus because it has been introduced more online. "We are on the right track," Rama said.

The head of the government further stated that “the Infectious Diseases building will successfully close its mission, because after this war the new building will be built.

Minister Manastirliu said that “with the approval of the World Bank loan, Infectious has already been included in our plan to be rebuilt to the best standards. Next year hoping the pandemic does not have this big curve and we do not have this confrontation with increased infections that even the vaccine we expect to come at the beginning of next year will definitely ease. "But this does not mean that we will not have the invisible enemy present, because we will have to continue the care, the mask, the distance, until we return to that normalcy that we all expect to regain soon."

Minister Manastirliu, thanking the health staff for the heroic work in this unusual year, said that “we hope that next year will be much better and full of health for all. We will always be together to go through this difficult moment, because these 10 months have been difficult and we have faced many small challenges ".

Like no one today the doctors and nurses of Covid hospitals are the embodiment of this renaissance celebration after the sublime sacrifice, in the relentless struggle with death in the human body and as never before today, their figure is equated with the servants of the sublime in heart, mind and in man's devotion to the other.




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