Citizens continue to disregard the rules of social distancing and this could be a re-initiation phase of the Covid-19 chain.


 citizen continue to disregard the rules of social distancing and this could be a re-initiation phase of the Covid-19 chain. In fact lately yes we see to some extent an Increment of activity but fortunately we have a decrease in Covid activity due to the fact that Citizens' Immunity is managing to adapt to Covid-19, so in other words our body is gaining immunity to this unknown virus.

Respirator is the means by which patients affected by Covid-19 spend their tiring days as death one step away. Engineering i medical equipment, Ermand Mertenika in this interview explains what happens during these difficult moments of patients and the path that is followed until the last stage which is invasive intubation.
His work focuses on the installation, maintenance, configuration of medical equipment, as well as training doctors to become familiar with the equipment, in
depending on different profiles. Mertenika says that currently the hospital capacity can cope with the influx of patients. In his speech, he also dwells on the situation that
is located within the Covid hospitals, which are now called the 'red zone'. The engineer explains the procedures followed from the moment the patient is hospitalized and when his condition worsens. What happens after intubation and how can you survive even after the last process.

MZ.Mertenika, how do you comment on the situation created by the Covid-19 virus in our country?

Currently Covid-19 is a special virus which in fact in its beginnings was very aggressive, as it started to cause great damage. Covidi tenton to affect more the pulmonary system, ie the lungs of patients causing the latter pathologies which start with some slight signs by subsequently leading these patients to a serious condition. Currently, this virus is still unknown to science and bioengineering.

JuajYour contribution is key in this battle, what does it mean to be a medical equipment engineer?

I am an IT and Biomedical Engineer trained in several different countries for several different medical devices, such as General Radiology; Radiology
Dentare; Cardiology Equipment, Spirometry (Lung Diagnostic Equipment); Dental Equipment, Radiotherapy and most recently in Treatment Equipment Intensive Resuscitation Fans / Respirators).

Engineer profile Bio-Medical is concerned with the installation, maintenance and configuration of medical equipment of various sectors. Also includes training of physicians to become familiar with the equipment and software of these devices.

Citizens continue to disregard the rules of social distancing and this could be a re-initiation phase of the Covid-19 chain. 1

▪️Respirators are the 'lungs' of every patient suffering from the virus, how good are these devices and how are they provided?

Resuscitation Fans or Respirators are medical devices called Artificial Pulmons (ie they perform the spirometric cycle of respiration). artificially. They are very important devices vital to the patient. Such as Dialysis which is an artificial kidney and respirators are artificial lungs. Different hospital centers, public, private, different clinics, buy medical equipment when you need and need to
mobilized to come to the aid of citizens suffering from various pathologies. Given that Bio-Engineering technology and Electronics advances progressively, we are normally dealing with quality equipment. Such as: Scanners, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Cardiology Equipment,
Radiology, Radiotherapy, intensive care equipment, respirators, etc.

RatThe numbers are increasing day by day, is our country able to withstand the influx of respirators?

In fact, the beginning of the pandemic was an acute situation in a global form, of course in Albania as we are dealing with a currently unknown virus. FOR as long as the vaccine has not yet appeared, I think we will coexist with this virus. Hospital capacity is sufficient and affordable
currently the situation. Fortunately, having a declining situation, we hope that the number of infected people will decrease.At the moment the capacity of resuscitation fans / respirators is sufficient and normally some of them remain spare in case of increase of patients in
state of emergency health.

Citizens continue to disregard the rules of social distancing and this could be a re-initiation phase of the Covid-19 chain. 2
KemiWe have seen images broadcast before from Covid hospitals, how is the situation there? What happens in the 'red zone'?

Covid hospitals are those areas where patients who are infected with this virus come. In the 'red zone' there are patients who have a problem with the condition of their health symptoms mild, there are also patients who are in a slightly more difficult condition and need the application of masked respirators
ventilation or by intubation. When Covid-19 is taken through the respiratory tract, then this virus, after penetrating into the healthy cell in the lungs, releases its genetic material into ribosomes by transforming this cell into a factory or generator of
these viruses, therefore makes the multiplication for a short time of these viruses. The healthy cell in which the virus has penetrated and multiplied this virus undergoes a genetic metamorphosis, ie genetic modification, producing millions of other viruses, until this healthy cell dies. These viruses emerge from the dead cell from which they multiplied and infect other healthy cells, in the process of being chained.

▪️This chain process occurs in all patients?

If a person has an immune system, in other words good immune cells, then these cells, namely "lymphocytes, antibodies and T-Cell, which are immune cells, manage to destroy the Covd-19 virus and these people can be asymptomatic or with mild or somewhat problematic symptoms. Otherwise, when people have a weak immune system, then the Covd-19 virus has a massive rate of multiplication, causing
interstitial lung disease, ie blockage of the smaller units of the lungs, exactly where oxygen is transferred to the blood, ie to the alveoli. When the alveoli are blocked, then the patient begins to have difficulty breathing, so it requires more oxygen, because his blood does not saturate due to the multiplication of these viruses in the pores of the alveoli. When the multiplication rate is extremely high, the patient is no longer able to breathe so
natural, and at this point he has to be supplied with oxygen artificially, and the devices that give him artificial respiration are respirators,
hence artificial lungs.

Citizens continue to disregard the rules of social distancing and this could be a re-initiation phase of the Covid-19 chain. 3
▪️Is intubated patients likely to win the battle?

Of course if a patient's health condition is very urgent, intubation respirator (ie an endo-tracheal tube which is placed in
trachea (patient throat) and the other end of the endo-tracheal tube connects to the respirator. There are patients who can not pass, as a result of the system
their immunity not good. Or even because they suffer from other additional chronic pathologies. There are also cases when intubated patients as a result of good immune system pass to an easier stage, such as ventilation with oxygen mask. There are even better cases yet where in stage e rehabilitation passes to the removal of the mask and its return to normal.  


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