Italian Government 400 billion Euros additional aid to the Economy.


The amount that the Italian government allocates to help the economy goes to 750 billion Euros, in order to minimize the negative effects that the harsh measures are leaving to curb the spread of COVID / 19.

This is the second € 400 billion emergency package awarded by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to help businesses hit. The first package was 350 billion Euros, which was made available in mid-March, together with the additional package the total amount goes to 750 billion Euros, which is made available to businesses in the form of soft loans, through banks.

The Italian treasury is expected to inject 200 billion Euros into the economy, as a shield for banks in case of losses up to 90% of loans to all companies. The guarantee can be extended to 100% of possible loan losses not exceeding 25,000 Euros.


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