Employment in agriculture 36.4 % of the total number of employees nationwide.


Employment in agriculture dominates in the total number of employees in other sectors of the country's economy.

According to the INSTAT labor force survey, employment in agriculture accounts for 36.4 % of the total number of employees nationwide.

In second place is trade, transport, hotel, business and administrative services with 27.2 %, followed by public administration, Social services, and other activities and services with 16.3 %.

The manufacturing sector occupies a significant part with 10.9 % and the construction sector provides 7 % of employees.

Agriculture experts say that development policies and direct financing programs for farmers have encouraged farmers to engage in various rural activities, from agricultural production, livestock, agribusiness to agritourism.

According to them, the fact is that already the rural economies along with the model of family self-employment are oriented to expand employment to over 10 people, depending on the development of their activity, contributing to increased employment in this sector.


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