Why choose INGLOT products?


* Meri Kola, Administrator at INGLOT Albania, explains to STAR PEOPLE why INGLOT products are really special.  

Who is the story of INGLOT? 

We are a Franchise in Albania, since November 2014, Importer and Distributor exclusive: DEA BEAUTY LLC, with a showroom in the area of Ish-Bllok on Sami Frashëri Street and TEG - Tirana East Gate, Floor 0. 

We are extending beyond the borders of Albania in Kosovo in 2016 by opening the first showroom in Albi Mall, then in Pejton, Prishtina, then Prizeren at Abi Qarshia and Ferizaj at The Village. 

The company INGLOT was founded in 1983 by Wojciech Inglot, a Polish entrepreneur from the city of Przemyśl. He was a chemist graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. 

His dream  was to create a unique and innovative cosmetic line that does not contain ingredients harmful to health and skin, on the contrary, to go beyond beauty by improving skin conditions. 

His mission was to use the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most renowned suppliers mainly from Japan, the United States, France, Germany, England and Italy. 

The main objective was to produce high quality cosmetic products at a fair and reasonable price.  Having a variety of colors and the ability to mix and match them in order to create a personalized palette was one of the "key" factors to achieving success. Since 2006, the INGLOT brand has spread to various locations around the world, being present in the most prestigious points of the world - Oxford Street in London, Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Times Square in New York and Grand Canal Shoppers in Las Vegas. It is currently considered one of the most successful cosmetics companies in the world. It sells its products worldwide in around 800 stores boutique  in 80 countries around the world. 

Why choose INGLOT products? 1

What are the main products that women can find in your stores?

Everything that has to do with cosmetics, daily toiletries or activities related to the makeup of VIP figures while meeting their skin needs. 

For example: Primer, Foundation, Concealer, powder, bronzer, brightener and others, for the face. 

Different shades and textures of lipsticks.

Countless possibilities of combinations with a free system in elections called Freedom System.

Everything for healthy and beautiful nails. 

Various accessories.

The latest trends "New Arrival" as well as collaborations with important world personalities. 

What makes INGLOT products more popular than products sold in a similar store?

  • PRODUCTS - our pride! 
  • Brandi. Since we are a franchise in Albania, every product is of the same quality as in any other country in the world.  
  • Success over the years
  • variety 
  • Freedom of choice. Combination of scientific technology with vibrant colors that result in an abundance of impressive products and colors with which you fall in love. 

Product safety related to GMP certification. 

Since 2011, INGLOT is GMP certified which provides the best production conditions and ingredients with the highest possible quality and consequently the products sold to customers are of the highest possible quality. 


Those who are looking for vegan100% products may not have it easy by analyzing the ingredient list. First of all, the raw materials used are hidden under complicated names or semi-finished products. Second, the products can be tested on animals at different stages of production. V-Label controls cosmetic products taking into account both the origin of raw materials and testing in animals. The raw materials are checked at every stage, even directly to the producers and suppliers, who are obliged to present the certificate confirming not to test the animals of a certain product, not to test the animals in different places or to third parties.
It took more than 6 months to do the detailed analysis of the first 450 cases. INGLOT products, labeled V-Label, are 100% vegan and harmless.

What is your advice to a cosmetics blogger who is trying to create a cosmetics brand like INGLOT?

In order to succeed, it must fight for human values by offering good quality, fair price and a range of choices just as Mr INGLOT did. 

Start with the final product in mind. 

What are INGLOT plans? Will you stretch further?

Yes, we plan to expand further and at the same time increase the range of services in our current stores. 



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