Promotion of elite tourism in Albania / Abolition of VAT on yachts creates new branches of the economy


The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi assessed today that "with the abolition of VAT for yachts, Albania is created as a new destination within the efforts for elite tourism".

At the meeting of the parliamentary committee on Economy and Finance, Klosi focused on the political debate created by the abolition of VAT on yachts.

Klosi said that the Albanian reality has an almost non-existent number of yachts. "There are 222 thousand yachts sailing today in the Mediterranean without the possibility of customs clearance. We want to create opportunities for these yachts coming to Albania, to be cleared, to receive the Albanian flag and thus an Albanian fleet is created without internal investments ", said Klosi

The Minister said that "this creates a new branch of the economy and it is very important to promote Albania through this initiative".

"The opening of Albania will be accompanied by a series of other measures. It is not enough just to remove VAT, but also other measures to have business in this sector. It is about opening thousands of new jobs for Albanian citizens and becoming attractive to make new navies in Albania ", said Klosi.

He stressed that "policies have been very rigid so far and the sea is marked as a closed area." "We had a moratorium. The sea has been isolated. "We want to open it and create facilities to navigate the Albanian sea," he said.

Klosi stressed that "the same debate was years ago to reduce the VAT on accommodation for Albanian hotels in 6%".

"This policy made Albania today a country with a lot of tourism. Last year we had 6.4 million foreign tourists. This year we expected over 7 million. Today in Albania we have 7-8 big names in 5 star hotels and Albania is appearing as an attraction. "Thanks to these policies, we in Albania can have 200-250 million euros of investments", said Klosi.

Klosi said that "even the initiative to abolish yacht VAT is to create a new industry that can promise a lot for Albania".

"This policy also exists in other countries. It is not a law, it is a policy, for Albania, like the countries of the region, to have an input of this industry. To create this we need to become attractive. How can we become attractive as long as we do not have marinas? "We want to make this mechanism at least closer," said Klosi.

The Minister emphasized that "the map of the Albanian sea had been left dangerously by mines since the Second World War and today the map of the Albanian sea is clean". / ATA





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