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Projects that will be supported by the 2021 budget


A number of major infrastructure projects find financial support in the 2021 budget.

Public investments during 2021 are estimated to go to 7.2% of Gross Domestic Product, while the budget for the infrastructure sector is estimated at ALL 49 billion.

Maintaining a high level of investment where even in the medium term it is programmed to maintain a level of public investment at around 5% of GDP is considered essential to support relatively high levels of growth in the medium and long term.

Infrastructure during the next year aims to increase road safety on all national axes where reducing the number of accidents is a priority as well as reducing the number of black spots by 25%, according to the National Transport Strategy.

Also, the completion of Arbri Road, which is expected to be completed within November 2021 and the start of the construction project of the Llogara Tunnel.

Another objective of the Ministry of Infrastructure is the advancement of works on the road segments Kardhiq-Delvinë, Shkodra bypass, Tepelena bypass, and a good part of the Tirana Ring Road.

The goal is also the completion of road segments within 2021 with foreign financing such as the Vlora, Qukës-Qafë-Plloçë bypass, etc.

On the other hand, the government plans to put Kukës airport into operation during the coming year, as well as to start the works for the construction of Vlora airport.



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