Pogradec / Hotels and family tourism houses, all booked on weekends


Pogradec and its surroundings offer to tourists a permanent tourist attraction with nature, culture and history that give it grandeur, while the lake gives it charm.

In addition to the lake, Pogradec has many other natural beauties on its outskirts, in the surrounding villages, there are important cultural and historical monuments that attract to visit.

The Municipality of Pogradec announced today that “from all the collected data it results that Pogradec from this weekend is all reserved. "793 rooms are reserved with 1355 beds in total, where over 1000 beds are offered by houses with family tourism".

According to the municipality, the citizens who have bought apartments in Pogradec are not included here.

"There are a number of reasons why this happens. First the climate, the freshness, the lakes created by nature. Secondly the service and standards raised this year by tour operators. Thirdly, the continuous improvement that we have managed to achieve in beaches, infrastructure, parks, etc. ", underlines the municipality.

This year, the municipality adds, Pogradec is cleaner than any other year, from the main roads, inland or lake lines.

"There would be many more activities but due to the pandemic they are limited. The Municipality of Pogradec cordially thanks you for choosing Pogradec ", - says the municipality.

In this city everywhere there is beauty like Lini, a small peninsula on the western shores of Lake Ohrid with a beautiful village of the same name.

The houses are built of stone and brick on the sides of narrow alleys covered with pergolas. South of Lin, near Buqeza on the lake, at a depth of 2-3 m there are some palafites. It is a lake-type settlement built on the surface of the lake, like that of Maliq in the district of Korça. There are legends that once the Lin Peninsula was a beautiful island with flowering vegetation.

While the springs of Drilon located at the foot of the hills near the villages of Tushemisht and Gurras, 4 km from Pogradec have an incomparable view.

You can visit this natural monument if you follow the road Pogradec-Customs-St. Naum. It is a large limestone spring that springs with vertical water flow at the bottom of the limestone block, then continuing to flow into Lake Ohrid. Water comes from Lake Prespa through Dry Mountain. Water comes out as a large separate spring with a flow of 7 m3 / sec. The area is surrounded by dense vegetation.

Pogradec also has many medieval churches such as the church of St. Bitr, which the locals are accustomed to call the church of St. Bitr, located a few hundred meters from the village Potkozhan.

The city of the Lake, Pogradec, is the elite city of Albania which is visited in all four seasons.



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