Why do Albanians stay online? The figures come out, this is what the survey revealed


According to data published by INSTAT in the Information Technology Usage Survey, 68.6% of individuals aged 16-74 stated that they were internet users (at least they had used it in the last three months).

According to the survey, the main activities for which Albanians use the Internet are: for 50.2 % of Internet users use it to search for information about goods and services, 32.5 % of respondents use the Internet to receive or send e-mails and 38.2 % to watch movies.

Referring to the region, Albania ranks penultimate in terms of Internet use, leaving behind only Bulgaria where only 68% of respondents aged 16-75 had used the Internet in the last 3 months surveyed.

The Internet is widely used in the rest of Europe, where the record for 2019 is held by Iceland, where almost 100% of respondents answered that they have used the Internet in the last 3 months that the questionnaire was conducted. They are followed by Norway and Sweden with 98%, followed by Switzerland and Denmark with 97% respectively.

Unlike Albanians, most Europeans (75%) responded that they mostly use the internet to receive or send e-mails, for banking transactions and facilities, to request information, send messages, read the press etc.




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