Definition of Success according to 10 bright minds that will motivate you at all times


We all have a constant need for inspiration or encouragement towards what is called success. In this field, the right models are those who according to many factors are considered among the people who know how to create success in careers, entrepreneurship or in any other field where they have chosen to operate.

Naturally the question arises 'what is the key to success?' as this is the dream and desire of every entrepreneur. There is no specific formula or key to success, but above all it takes a lot of work and perseverance to face and overcome all the challenges, to then turn them into opportunities for to learn and to grow. When you manage to overcome challenges you often find that the goals you have set for yourself have grown or are oriented towards a new success. Therefore, to guide you on your path to success, we are offering you 10 tips from 10 bright minds that have left their mark on the history of mankind.

  1. "To be successful, your attitude is as important as your ability." - (Walter Scott)
  2. "Success has no secrets, but it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." - (Colin Powell)
  3. "Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning to make it a reality." - (Wayne Huizenga)
  4. "Success results from overcoming each successive failure without ever losing enthusiasm." (Winston Churchill)
  5. "I attribute my success to the fact that - I did not make or accept excuses." - (Florence Nightingale)
  6. "Success is a journey, not a destination. "Travel is often more important than destination." - (Arthur Ashe)
  7. "Do not aim to be successful but to be valuable." - (Albert Einstein)
  8. "The secret of our success remains the fact that we never give up, not even once." - (Wilma Mankiller)
  9. "To be successful you do not need to have a university degree. All you need is an orientation system and a dream. ” - (Michael Dell)
  10. "The road to success is constantly being built." - (Lily Tomlin)



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