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More than half of the works in Lot II of the Great Ring Road / Balluku are completed: We solved the expropriation problem


In the northeastern part of the Great Ring of Tirana, as well as in other segments of this work, intensive work is underway to make possible the completion of the deadline. In lot 2 of this segment, more than half of the physical works have been carried out, while the problems that have been identified have been solved.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, accompanied by the director of the Albanian Road Authority, Ergys Verdho, closely inspected the works carried out so far in this work.

"Lot 2 of the Eastern Ring is a continuation of lot 1 that comes from TEG to the helicopter field in Farka. It is 2.38 kilometers and goes to the beginning of the Shkoza area where it joins lot 3, exiting at the Shkoza roundabout. It is worth mentioning that in the requalification we added the emergency lane, which we did not have in the initial project, the elements of greenery in the middle and on both sides and the elements of led lighting in the whole area ", announced the director of ARA .

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy underlined that in this lot, as well as in other segments of the Great Ring Road, the requests submitted by the Municipality of Tirana to enrich the project with urban elements have been resolved.

"In all construction sites, which pass between residential areas we have a very big problem that has to do with expropriations, lack of documentation by the residents themselves and of course what is important to emphasize is that all the lots of the Eastern Ring, since 2018 at the request of the Municipality of Tirana have undergone several transformations. We have added elements of an urban area at the service of citizens, such as side lighting, or sidewalks and other elements that may have created delays, but no doubt make this work, as well as other tears, very friendly to residents of the area ", said Balluku.

The Minister stressed that despite the problems, which have already been resolved, it is important that this work is completed within the deadlines, as its implementation provides a solution to the problem of heavy traffic on the streets of the capital.

"The delivery deadline is very important for us. Citizens already have to get this infrastructure work and have to use it, as it is very important for the capital. We expect that at the end of all lots, Tirana will be relieved from the heavy traffic due to the demographic growth that the capital has and without a doubt the increase of welfare and the number of cars and that is normal today ", underlined the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku.

Regarding the problems identified in this lot, the request for expropriation of 60 assets has been approved, for which the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has notified the owners. During the implementation of the project, some problems have arisen, which have been reviewed by the Technical Council of ARA and in the coming days is expected to be decided on the proposed solutions.



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