The fortune of 50 Americans equals that of 165 million others


The total wealth of the 50 richest Americans in the US equals the wealth of 165 million people, which is almost half of the country's population.

According to a Bloomberg News based on data from the US Federal Reserve, in the first half of 2020, the distribution of wealth in the country has shown a large inequality.

According to the news, the total wealth of the richest 1 percent of Americans is $ 34.2 trillion and the total wealth of the poorest 50 percent is $ 2.08 trillion.

The news states that the total wealth of the 50 richest people in the country corresponds to that of 165 million people, which is half of the country's population, and that 50 rich people have increased their wealth by 339 billion dollars since the beginning of the year. 2020.

As further stated, the COVID-19 pandemic has impoverished large segments and disproportionately rewarded a small class of billionaires.

A report published by wealth research firm Wealth-X says the richest North Americans, with a fortune of at least $ 30 million, have reclaimed most of their pre-pandemic fortunes.

It is also noted that the net collective wealth of the wealthy people in question increased by 37 percent from the end of March to the end of August, reaching approximately $ 12.5 trillion.


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