The 10 000 Lekë banknote is produced this year


After a period of more than 23 years and a 4-year operation, the Bank of Albania enabled the production of 6 new series of legal tender banknotes. While the new 10,000 Lekë denomination banknote will be produced this year.

The Bank of Albania announces that one of the main responsibilities of the Central Bank is to guarantee public confidence in local money Lek.

The central bank does this by issuing a banknote that communicates security and stability to the Albanian public. This is because banknotes represent the most tangible form of money and are at the service of all citizens.

The new series of banknotes consists of 6 denominations: 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10 000 Lekë. On September 30, 2019, the first denominations of the new series were produced and put into circulation, those 200 Lekë and 5000 Lekë, as well as the production of printing materials of other banknotes of the series, which are expected to be put into circulation. in the following years.

The Bank of Albania also sees the banknote as a means of communication, transmitting in time messages of our national identity, by using the opportunity to evoke the most important moments of history and to honor its prominent personalities.

The new series of Albanian banknotes retains the same theme as the existing banknotes, which follows the concept of reflecting historical eras, through the presentation of portraits of personalities as their symbol. The design of the new banknote, in addition to the portrait of the person, includes other stylistic elements, which are related to special achievements of the portrayed historical figure.



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