WHO: "Pressure on the virus must continue"

The WHO is concerned about the growing number of Covid-19 cases in many countries and urges governments not to give up the fight against the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has dashed hopes that the coron pandemic will end in the foreseeable future. According to the WHO, the number of infections will continue to increase. "You can call it a second wave.

"You can call it a second blow, you can call it a reboot, you can call it whatever you want - but if we reduce the pressure of the masses on this virus, the virus will return," said WHO Deputy Director-General Michael Ryan. Geneva. "I know people do not want to hear this, but that is the reality."

The virus acts simply, brutally and cruelly: "he is brutal in his simplicity, he is brutal in his savagery, but he has no brain," said the expert. So people can beat the virus, "but we're not doing a good job right now."

Pressure on the virus must continue

It's extremely difficult to stop the virus, Ryan said. In some European countries the number of infections has recently increased. By tracking outbreaks, testing, and other local measures we need to prevent rapid outbreaks of the virus to avoid blockages and quarantine measures nationwide as happened in the spring.

"We recommend that countries in Europe continue to keep the virus under pressure." WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove also warned against large crowds. "The virus likes such clusters."

The WHO estimates there are 20 million infected with the coronavirus

The WHO predicts that the corona virus will soon infect more than 20 million people. India, USA and Brazil are particularly hard hit. According to official data worldwide more than 720,000 patients have died with or from COVID-19. However, experts believe that the number of unregistered infections and deaths are higher./DW


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