The elderly population a new challenge for Albania


Population aging is a megatrend that is transforming economies and societies around the world.  International Agenda for Action and Policy Statement adopted in Madrid / April 2002 by the Second Bot Assemblyerore on Aging eise signed by the President dhe Qeveria Shqiptare. This plan per action proposes an orienmy young and brave for çaging issues in XXI century that focuses ne implementation of three primary directions: older people and development; promoting health and well-being; and creating an environment mbestatesmen and trainers for them.

Albania is ae state with a protracted transition, which has weighed heavily on the elderly. Political and social structures have bypassed the problem of the elderly, making it a chronic problem, although democratic developments havee offered opportunities.

Poverty of the elderly is caused by: insufficient pensions, lack of access to services and active age discrimination.  

RWorld Bank report IN 2007 "Old and poor Albanians in 2025", He demanded urgently health care reforms and pensions.

organizationor e United Nations ne 2018 ranked Albania in the group of ten countries that has experienced the fastest aging population emphasizing factors of ill-combined by immigration,decline in births AND indifference of deep to face the consequences.

Various international reports state that a  safe and healthy older population can bring endless opportunities to society.
But opportunities come with challenges. Aging presents sociale, economic and cultural te
individuals, family, soCiety and the global community. Mthe way we choose to address challenges and maximize opportunities of pOPULATION in age will te define the future of humanity.

Asaga-Shoqeria Shqiptare perte all Ages, ka qene coordinator ndethrough governmente and the UN. Reportof on Aging ne Albanianenew prepared from nje level t missione upe te UNe States(quoted):

The national infrastructure on aging is underdeveloped.
Lack of coordination between government offices dealing with aging per socio-economic and demographic issues.
Awareness raising can be achieved by sensitizing policymakers at the national level.

The proposed recommendations are organized into four groups representing essential elements of national capacity: infrainstitutional structure; proçpolicy essays and policy measures; research, data collection and analysis; human resource;

Political will is needed for ensure that Aging it'stime of opportunities for all.

NMarch 2008 The Albanian Parliament did not pass the law in favor of the Elderly, which was a civil society initiative in the bashcooperation with the party politike LSI. This law proposed support to local government for active participation, reduction of poverty and to increase the dignity of the elderly, as the most suffering and vulnerable group in Albania.

Ne INTERVIEWewe his Mr. Ilir Meta, today the President of the Republices, for the newspaper "Panorama" 25/01/2008 expressed: The importance of this law goes beyond narrow party interests and sets a new European standard in the institutional treatment of this age group with great needs and low income., te cilet will not ngeleshin at the mercy of the bureaucrateand the current political interests of certain political forces.

Since then Mr. Meta in relation to the roofthe financial min of the law emphasized: nuk see any reason economic or deficiencies in the formal sense, to them made the project technically of cefeasible or economically unenforceable.

It is unacceptable that still, in 2020, the elderly in Albania continue to live in poverty, lacking income security, health care, access to basic services and support in emergency.  

Peour efforts per law continuee more and today as parte of discussions esheepe conference nderkombetare nen negligenceen ebureaucratic organisms qe kane ne focus Aging.  

Ppolicies and legislation alone is not enough to make a real difference in the quality of life of older peopleuar, atoshould be implemented and monitored so that older people can enjoy their rights. Expected growth of the elderly population there should be no excuse for not acting, but rather the opposite seen as a call to action. Taking an approach in all areas of public policy - from policymakers will bring concrete benefits for all ages and economies in which they live.

Activism of older women shines, in a patriarchal society where economic problems Rijn pending unresolved, no proçdemocratic essays were those THAT fought against poverty with difficulty temegave due to chaotic market rules, without support, pa perfituar by wealth nationetare. They, the wonderful, business women broadcast their skills younger generationsj duke employ their families and the community.

Implementation of the International Action Plan for Aging showsmany inspiring examples of innovative running programs successfully addressing aging issues. many countries have done significant advances in adopting new policies, strategies, plans and laws to fully implement the Madrid Plan and meet the potential e our aging world.

Population aging is a phenomenon we can no longer ignore.

The elderly are the fastest growing population in the world, Among the rapid change of family and social structures is the possibility of the collapse of systems.

The elderly population ne Albanianere should now be an important focus for research and social debate. Also a key issue for health policy and social planning is that whatever happens in our cultural and social context when the current aging population continues to live longer? We neede per njeperpjekje te perceshy te te the entiree husbandebobcate perte transform our visione on aging by vartesia ne regardlessesi, ne continuous growth te contributit te The elderly and participation se tire ne LIVES  social and economic.

Various international reports state that a  safe and healthy elderly population can bring endless opportunities, they call for changes in attitudes, policies and practice.

Inadequate and poor living conditions in old age are and will remain a factor of fear and insecurity for the younger generations. There is no better time than now to act together to encourage participation and change in defining and supporting the role of older people in our lives.

A well-supported aging is at interest of all generations.

Mira Pirdeni / Executive Director ASAG

National Representative INPEA / International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse


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