Colors in architecture, between mysticism and symbolism!


By Junilda Karanxha

Architect and Head of office at “Archistudio”

Colors and their human perception are responsible for a series of actions and stimuli in our interactive relationship with space and volumes.

They are present everywhere. They have the same important role and the same influence in experiencing space in architecture as the columns and beams that shape the volume. The colors we will want to use in our architecture will almost be imposed in the way the architecture itself will be understood and perceived and in the way we ourselves will feel.

Colors in architecture, between mysticism and symbolism! 1

They affect the visual characteristics of the form themselves, he mentions:

  1. The size of the object
  2. Geometry
  3. Visual weight

I say with conviction that colors are directly related not only psychologically, but also mystically and symbolically. They take on different meanings, depending on several aspects: artistic, historical and periodic culture.

We can make a concise definition of the main color spectrum taking into account the defining aspects I listed above. It is an orienting "manual" for what we as architects want to convey with our creation!

Colors in architecture, between mysticism and symbolism! 2

Yellow - Represents curiosity, solar atmosphere, optimism

Red - Energy, impulse, enthusiasm

Green - Transmits serenity, well-being

Blue - Confidence and security, a sense of positivity

Orange - The result of combining red with yellow, represents intensity, creativity, euphoria and enthusiasm

Violet - Also represents well-being and serenity

I can cite some examples regarding the use of colors in architecture.

In children's projects, colors are used a lot because they have a direct impact on their psychological and sensorimotor development.

In hospital projects or projects related to health and well-being, colors are used as a complementary element to the rehabilitation of patients or simply their well-being.

Can affirm this fact with conviction.

Colors in architecture, between mysticism and symbolism! 3

There are many influential architects in the world who have built their empire of concepts and their architectural forms on the element "COLOR"

We can mention Luis Barragan in whose works color evokes spatial purity and emotion!



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