From May 4, the procedures for the repatriation of Albanian citizens stranded abroad will be facilitated


The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku explained today the new system that will be used for repatriations, starting from May 4 and the steps that citizens must follow.

"The plan of mitigation measures announced by the Albanian Government has also affected the change of the repatriation system for Albanian citizens who are blocked outside the borders," she stressed.

According to Balluku, all Albanian citizens who want to return home from May 4 must access the ticket reservation on the website of the airline "Air Albania".

Balluku said that Albanian citizens should declare their residential address in addition to booking a ticket, as all those Albanian citizens who declare that they live in the declared "green" areas will have to be quarantined in hotels adapted as quarantine structure COVID-19 .

Meanwhile, she said, those who claim to live in the "red" areas will have to be quarantined in their homes with full responsibility and monitored by the State Police.

It is no longer necessary to book the hotel at the beginning, as the citizens who will declare that they live in the "green" areas will be immediately qualified for quarantine in the quarantine structures. During your trip on board "Air Albania", you will have a form, where with full legal responsibility, you will once again write your residential address and then sign it. This form charges you with legal responsibilities and in case of false declaration, legal measures will be applied according to the legislation in force ", declared Minister Balluku.

According to Balluku, passengers will be divided into two groups at the Airport. Residents of the "green" areas will be sent by bus made available to quarantine facilities. They, as in previous cases, will have to cover only food expenses of 7 euros per day, while service and accommodation expenses of 14 euros will be covered by the Albanian state ", said the minister.

Residents of the "red" areas, she stressed, will travel to their homes to self-quarantine with their entire family for 14 days.

"In case one of the residents of the red zones wants to stay in the hotel, in order not to hinder the continuity in the already facilitated conditions in his family, it is enough to state this while filling out the form on the plane, or during the ticket reservation process. ", Announced Balluku.

Balluku said that from April 18 until now we have repatriated more than 2500 Albanian citizens from around the world.

"We have been fighting for weeks. "We came here not only because of the commitment of the government and its structures, but also because you have shown civic behavior towards any measure taken to prevent this pandemic", declared the minister./ATA

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